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The Miller Health Experience is a new initiative from Miller Health Management that brings an innovative system to employers in all fields of work who seek to identify the root cause of sickness absence and poor performance in their business. With the annual cost of sickness absence to UK employers already reaching around £29 billion* and increasingly impacting on profits, it is now essential to search within the business for the root causes of ill health at work.  (*Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers – Sickness absence study 2013).

Dr Doreen Miller’s extensive experience in resolving complex occupational health cases across different sectors is now brought together to provide actionable advice to business leaders and employers on finding the root causes of sickness absence and ill-health issues within their own organisations. Her new R-O-P-E System enables them to become proactive in managing ill-health at work, reducing operating costs whilst increasing productivity and business performance.

How 4 Key Principles will Boost your
Business Performance and Uncover Hidden Profit

How 4 Key Principles will Boost your Business Performance and Uncover Hidden Profit


Understand the health risks and implications of your employees’
job roles


Ensure your employees
understand your business
purpose and vision


Help your employees
to maintain good mental
and physical health


Identify health risks in the
workplace and remove or
minimise them

Why the R-O-P-E System™ is the Key to Enhanced Performance

A business is similar to a bridge with 4 supporting pillars. If any pillar is damaged, so is the health of the business. Using the R-O-P-E System, you can find out where your business is today and how it can become healthier and more profitable.
Meet Dr Doreen Miller

Meet Dr Doreen Miller

The Miller Health Experience comes from the inspiration of Dr Doreen Miller, Consultant Occupational Physician and founder of Miller Health Management. Previously, she was Chief Medical Officer of Marks & Spencer, driving the best health and business practices for one of the UK’s most well known brands.

Now widely recognised as a leading authority on occupational health management and practice in the UK, Dr Miller is passionate about helping organisations take a more strategic approach to health and health-related business risk.

Her personal mission is to fight the ever-increasing problem of work-related stress. Dr Miller’s extensive experience in this field across many industry sectors gives her a fundamental understanding of the effects of enterprise level actions on employee well-being. Read more...

Introducing Doreen Miller's Essential New Book - 'The Healthy Business Bridge'

Doreen Miller's new book, The Healthy Business Bridge, is aimed at business owners, company directors, and HR and line management, who all have a pivotal role in minimising the ill-health costs associated with sick or underperforming employees in any business.

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Introducing Doreen Miller's Essential New Book - 'The Healthy Business Bridge'

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'The Healthy Business Bridge'

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“Dr Miller’s advice balances individual health needs with advising the business on how best to manage health issues,  returns to work and workplace adaptation to ensure staff are able to contribute to the full and minimising business impact. Both staff and management have appreciated Dr Miller’s understanding of our people, business , her extensive medical knowledge and contacts in managing some very difficult cases. I would definitely recommend Dr Miller and her team to other organisations”

HR Manager UK

Global Electronics Brand

“Doreen Miller is focused on finding solutions and instils confidence in both employee and employer.  She is thorough and tenacious in her drive to see things through to an appropriate conclusion.”


HR Manager

Multivac UK Ltd

“Following his serious bout of depression, there was a time when I wondered if we would ever see him back at work again: I even feared for his life.  Your arrival produced very quick results”

Managing Director

Land Management Software

“Dr Miller took the time to understand the business needs and those of the employee who had been off work with long term health issues.  She listened, was efficient, informative and responsive enabling both parties to work towards a positive and mutually beneficial outcome”

HR Manager

Global Private Equity Firm, London