Brand Risk

You trade on your reputation. Nothing adversely affects your brand more than being seen to put the health of your staff at risk. Despite the reality in brand risk, that’s the message that gets through every time employee health and business negligence hits the headlines.

Poor company health is contagious

The first sign that your reputation may be in for a rough ride lies within your own workforce.

Stress is the single most common condition leading to sickness absence in organisations today. Pockets of anxiety and stress within your business lead to low morale and behavioural issues, which result in reduced performance. As your business doesn’t work in isolation, your customers may pick up on this. After several incidents of poor customer service, you may find yourself losing those loyal customers you worked so hard to obtain.

Brand Risk Poor company health is contagious

A more positive outlook

Retaining your good name begins and ends with your people. Selecting and promoting the health and safety of your employees starts at recruitment. What health risks are you buying when you recruit new people? This is where The Miller Health Experience stands apart from the rest.

Promoting the health and safety of your employees starts at recruitment

Perception is everything

Publicly attracting attention of the wrong kind can be extremely damaging if your shareholders get wind of it. When it comes to market confidence and reputation, brand image is everything. Once your share price starts to fall as investors seek to remove your company from their portfolio, further alarm bells will ring and the outlook looks very bleak indeed.

Damage to your reputation and your brand can be irreparable.

Bad news goes viral

If good news travels fast, bad news travels even faster. When people are unwell for whatever reason, they tell their friends. Unfortunately, in our age of social media, they may very publicly tell their friends.  This actually occurred with a client’s employee on ‘sickness absence’ who told a different story on Facebook, to the fury of colleagues. Technically it’s possible to reprimand an employee for this, yet it just adds to brand risk that people will generally mistrust you.

When you need to attract talent to your company, it’s important that a social media search does not find complaints from existing employees. The best people can pick and choose. Your reputation as an employer will determine whether they choose you.

If good news travels fast, bad news travels even faster.