Mental Health Issues

Stress, Depression and Anxiety

A CIPD* survey in 2014 revealed that stress is the most common cause of long-term sickness absence in the workplace.

Growth in the service industries has led to changes in working practices. This means that people spend long hours in front of computers, often at home. Mental health issues are on the increase with about one in four of the adult population experiencing depression in their lifetime.

And it’s not showing any signs of improvement. The World Health Organisation forecasts that by 2020, depression will be the second largest health issue in terms of financial cost. It is also prevalent across the whole population and at all levels in a business.

* Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

Why depression is difficult to deal with

The very nature of the problem means it’s a highly sensitive issue because of the stigma attached.

A common symptom of depression is failure to acknowledge that a problem exists, so you could face the situation where an employee needs help, is causing a problem amongst your other staff and no-one realises depression is the cause. Clearly putting the employee on a performance improvement plan won’t help.

And for those that do face up to the grim reality, they often face lack of sympathy from colleagues which makes the problem worse. People don’t understand mental ill health; but they can understand a broken leg because it’s visible.

A common symptom of depression is failure to acknowledge that a problem exists.

You need to see the whole picture

A whole host of life problems may come together at the wrong time to tip an employee over the edge, where they reach the point that they can’t cope. Whilst there’s no denying that work is often a contributory factor, home and personal issues are too.

That’s why HR departments find it difficult to come to a solution. They may, quite rightly, be sensitive about prying into the private lives of their employees. The downside of this is that they might not be aware of any other issues that are contributing to the problem, meaning a solution is out of reach.

This is exactly where The Miller Health Experience brings a unique approach.

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