Why only 5 selected clinical services?


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Our strategic occupational health services are focused on achieving solutions to health issues in the workplace which impact on cost.  These are our 5 top topics our clinical services can help:

1.  Pre-placement health questionnaires

Pre-placement health questionnaires


  • Have you ever had a new employee who goes off sick during the probationary period and you don’t know if they had a health condition before they joined you?
  • You can’t discriminate against new employees but using a PPHQ once the job is offered allows the OH professionals to identify health problems which can be solved or adjustments made before the employee starts to work for you.
  • No surprises and no sudden spells of sickness absence, short term or long term.
  • Identify your health risks and manage them before they manage you.

2. Sickness absence management

  • Have you ever worked out the direct and indirect cost of your sickness absence? Did you know that the indirect cost  –  g. the impact on colleagues and other aspects of the business  –  are up to 3X the direct cost?
  • Early intervention by Occupational Health can reduce the cost of sickness absence and facilitate an earlier return to work, saving you money.
  • Occupational Health can deal with work and home issues which are often connected.
  • Why waste money on uncontrolled sickness absence when you can manage it and save?
Sickness absence management
Rehabilitation back to work

3. Rehabilitation back to work

  • By knowing the organisation and the jobs in your business, we can get your employees back to work quickly with our creative approach to rehabilitation.
  • We have particular skills in helping employees with disabilities return to productive work.
  • Imagine what that will do for your brand?

4. What health benefits do you offer?

  • For example:
  • Private medical insurance
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Did you decide on particular benefits because you got a good financial deal?
  • Or was it based on employee needs? Why did you select them?
  • Do you review the claims with your insurance provider and do you ask what percentage of employees use the service without breaching individual confidentiality?
  • If a benefit is not being used you are wasting your money.
Health Benefits
Ill-health Retirement

5. Ill-health retirement

  • Do you know the criteria for your employees’ ill-health retirement?
  • Who assesses your employees for ill-health retirement?
  • What experience do they have for this work?
  • It’s not always straightforward.  You need experienced OH professionals to assess the employee otherwise you may end up with a costly appeal.

So do speak to us about these and possibly other clinical topics that concern you and are leaving you exposed to the risk of needless cost or possible claims.