If you were experiencing recurring headaches, you’d see your GP to find out why.

If you had a sudden pain in your left arm, coupled with severe chest pain, you’d call an ambulance.

Most people would agree with these two statements, which means that most people would probably agree with the next two statements:

1. It’s important to investigate the root cause of persistent symptoms to determine the best course of treatment.
2. A problem with one part of the body can result in pain in another.

The Miller Method states that it’s no different when it comes to the health of your business.

1. It’s important to have methods in place to determine the root cause of health-related problems to be able to take the best course of action.
2. A problem in one area of your organisation may have its roots in an another. Without measurement it’s impossible to see where.

Who are Miller Enterprise Health?

Miller Enterprise Health is led by Senior Consultant Occupational Physician Dr. Doreen Miller. Prior to founding Miller Enterprise Health, Dr. Miller was the Chief Medical Officer for Marks and Spencer, driving the best health and business practices for one of the UK’s most well known brands.

Now widely recognised as a leading authority on occupational health management and practice in the UK, Dr. Miller is passionate about helping organisations take a more strategic approach to health and health-related business risk.

Her personal mission is to fight the ever-increasing problem of work-related stress. Dr. Miller’s extensive experience in this field across many industry sectors gives her a fundamental understanding of the effects of enterprise level actions on employee well-being.

Practical Health

Don’t mistake the term ‘well-being’ for intangible, ineffective triviality.  Dr. Miller and her team have an extremely practical, no-nonsense approach to health, including work-related stress.

The service, advice and recommendations they give are tangible, actionable and the effects are measurable.

In fact, the very start of the Miller Method is to help you set up robust reporting procedures to assess the scale of your health problems so that you can measure the effectiveness of the solutions.

The Miller Method Explained

1. Assessment and measurement.  We’ll help you implement procedures to measure your current situation. Only when the scale of the problem is diagnosed, can we start to work on the solution. For example, if you have no reporting structure for absenteeism in place, we’ll help you set one up.

2. Big picture overview.  As external consultant physicians, we’ll take look at all aspects of an employee’s life that may be contributing to ill-health. We are able to cross boundaries out of the workplace and look at home and personal issues that may be contributory factors. This allows us to operate where your HR department can’t.

3. Identify the pain points. Once we have the big picture we’ll identify specific areas that are causing, or contributing to, the problem. We won’t cultivate a culture of blame though, our approach is to give support and guidance to resolve an issue.

4. The cure. We’ll recommend the best course of treatment for your problem. For example, we may suggest occupational health intervention to help with long-term sickness. We’ll offer advice on operational changes that will reduce work-related stress and anxiety.

5. Ensuring it doesn’t happen again. Once a problem has been fixed, it’s natural to focus on the next thing. However, without taking proper precautions and changing procedures you may find that you have a recurrence of a particular health issue. We recommend ways you can prevent reoccurrence.

6. The happy ending. The result of the Miller Method to enterprise health is a happier and healthier workplace. Morale is high and so is productivity and profit. Your shareholders and board members are happy to see health risks minimised and profits boosted.
Your journey to good health starts with a Strategic Company Health Check, a fixed price service that will give you real, actionable insights into the health of your business.

To arrange an appointment, call Miller Enterprise Health: +44 (0)333 900 9280