lightbulb-200x200The Miller Health Experience takes a holistic approach to health solutions for your business. Today’s business needs to address health risks at the board level.

The health of your people impacts your business at a strategic level. You can’t move forward as an organisation if you are not at optimal health.  It therefore follows that strategic decisions and operational level procedures determine the well-being of your staff. It’s simply not enough to identify health symptoms in isolation, without looking for the root cause in the business.

Your First Consultation

We advise businesses to begin with our Strategic Company Health Check.

A fixed price, initial consultation that will give you an immediate boost to your company health.  We’ll do an appraisal of your current situation and provide you with a report of specific actions that you can implement immediately to reduce your health-related risk.

It includes advice on setting up an absenteeism monitoring system, your first step to addressing this costly issue. The report will also cover your legal obligations. Health and Safety legislation seems to be in a state of constant flux. It’s our job to keep on top of it and we’ll warn you if you are not complying with everything.

In short, you’ll feel a little like you’ve had a company detox with a Strategic Company Report in your hands.

You’ll feel a little like you’ve had a company detox

Precautionary measures

health-200x200Minimise health related issues and you minimise health related costs. This is what our Proactive Wellness Programme is all about. A two-tier package that focusses on nipping problems in the bud; using foresight and our industry experience to advise on best practices.

From promoting good health to ensuring you meet your legal obligations, we feel that this is the most comprehensive package you’ll find to boost the immunity of your organisation and save you money.

When You Need A Cure, And Fast

If you are already having a health related business headache then we can help there too with our strategic intervention service.

Problems surrounding long-term sickness such as disputes over fitness to work or ill-health retirement decisions can tie you up in red tape leaving you unable to move towards a resolution.

Acting on what’s best for everyone involved as a professional medical organisation, we can mediate, advise and ultimately help you and your employee find a solution.

Disputes over fitness to work or ill-health retirement decisions can tie you up in red tape

Making Sure You’re Covered

Many businesses who rely on personal health insurance find that when they make a claim it’s refused. The reason failure to comply with the, often complex, terms and conditions of the policy.

From our experience of working intimately with insurers and assisting with the claims process, we are in an excellent position to advise on policy adherence. Take advantage of our experience by seeking our advice on insurance policy compliance.

We’ll assess the suitability of your policy for your situation as well as provide guidance on compliance with the terms and conditions.

When You Have A Specific Need

We ar able to provide specific occupational health services for your business. From audiometry testing to driver assessments, if you know exactly what you need we will deliver. We’ll work to your convenience and put your employees at ease during medicals.

You’ll find our professionalism and respect for your business and staff, make Miller Enterprise Health stand apart from the rest in the realm of occupational health.

We’ll work to your convenience and put your employees at ease during medicals

Not Sure Where To Start?

The Strategic Company Health Check is a fixed price service that gives you actionable insights on enterprise health optimisation. To make an appointment, call Miller Enterprise Health on +44 (0)333 900 9280.