Like many organisations, your enterprise may have taken out a Private Health Insurance policy on behalf of your employees. Can you relax, safe in the knowledge that should any of your workforce suffer long-term ill health, you’ll both be covered for payments?


Miller Health applauds any measure that looks after the health interests of both employer and employee. Many PHI policies do just that and are a lifeline for the many people who find themselves out of work due to ill-health each year.

But your employee health obligations do not stop when you start paying your insurance premiums.

The right policy for your business

The particular policy you choose for your employees and the premiums you pay are calculated according to guidelines of what your employees do, and their element of risk.

As your business evolves you may find that you’ll need to keep a close eye on your policy to check that you are still covered. If the risk profile of your enterprise has changed, you’ll need to update your policy.

Individual policies have their own specifics when it comes to what they cover. Will your employees get a payout if they can work at all, or just if they can’t perform their current function?

Are you fulfilling your obligations?

The reality is that with PHI in place you now have two sets regulations to comply with. Both health and safety at work and your insurance policy.  Of course, there is plenty of common ground here, but specific insurance issues are easy to miss. For instance, if you delay in informing your insurer of a health problem with an employee, then you may be flouting your obligations and any claim may be refused. This is especially prevalent with mental health cases.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by this. Miller Health have stepped in to assist with PHI claims, and as such are familiar with the process and problems that may occur.

Get a second opinion from Miller Health

We’ll take a good look at your business and your health related risks. Then we’ll assess your cover, advise on whether you have the right policy for your situation and let you know whether you are doing all you can to meet the requirements.

We’ll tell you what you need to do in plain English, both now and in the event that an employee becomes ill.

Make sure you’re covered.  Call Miller Health on +44 (0)333 900 9280.