A quick look at your P&L statement will tell you that the greatest chunk of your operating costs are your people. This doesn’t take into consideration recruitment and training costs. But your people are more than just a cost on a spreadsheet. Your business wouldn’t be where it is today without the value your people bring.

Doesn’t it make business sense to protect your investment in people?

At Miller Enterprise Health we have found time and time again that costly health- related employment headaches could have been completely avoided if only the company had taken a pro-active approach to health.

Prevention rather than cure

No, we don’t have a crystal ball and, while it would be nice, you can’t protect your employees’ health against every eventuality.

But you can cultivate an ethos of well-being and good health across your enterprise. Not only will you prevent many damaging health issues from arising, you’ll create a caring attitude from the top level down that will spread virally throughout your organisation.

The result: A happier, healthier, more productive workforce, boosting your brand reputation as well as company performance.

And of course at a purely humane level, taking care of your people is simply the right thing to do.

Prescription for protection

Miller Enterprise Health offers a comprehensive, two tier Proactive Wellness Package. We work in partnership with you, taking care of the health-related risk management of your organisation.

Level 1: Legal compliance and risk management

Think of Miller as the outsourced occupational health department for your enterprise. Partnering with you at a strategic level, we’ll advise on human capital risk and your legal obligations. We’ll arrange all your employee assessments and manage your day to day health obligations.

At this level, the Proactive Wellness Programme delivers the following:

  • Regular health surveillance of employees to comply with H&S legislation
  • Attendance management programme, including back to work interviews
  • Night worker screening according to working time regulations
  • Policy and procedural auditing, ensuring your data is current and in line with your business
  • Stress at work surveillance to comply with H&S legislation

Level 2: Health promotion and empowerment

Through education, encouragement and assessment, together we’ll educate your employees to take a positive, active approach to their own health and wellbeing. Making informed lifestyle choices to promote lifelong good health is one of the best ways you can help your employees avoid diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and depression.

This second level of the Proactive Wellness Programme delivers:

  • Education for your employees on lifestyle choices and health
  • Regular health checks and screening for early diagnosis of common diseases
  • A tailored programme targeting obesity or addiction
  • Stress monitoring and advice for employees who travel on behalf of your business
  • Help for your employees to manage stress and anxiety, allowing them to understand the causes and help manage issues themselves.

This is an extremely robust programme that will allow you to monitor the health of each employee and keep extensive records to show that the health and well-being of your people really is at the heart of your corporate culture.

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