The people in your organisation are its greatest asset, its greatest expense, and its greatest risk.

From a company-wide ethos of ‘chucking a sickie’ to full blown legal action, it all comes back to ‘what’s up with your people?’. Behind every company risk, be it reputational or financial, is a person with a problem. A person who feels that their problem begins with your company.

The structure, organisation and ethos of your company as a whole can have an impact on the individual health of your employees. Stringent procedures to identify problems before they get out of hand are key to avoiding those crisis board-level management meetings.

Root Cause Diagnosis

The Miller approach is to take a top-level view of the health of your organisation. This approach ensures that the root cause of health issues are diagnosed and you are not just treating the symptoms.

For instance, your struggle to hit end of month shipping targets may have nothing to do with your fantastic sales and everything to do with chronic absenteeism in despatch.

Or, productivity is low and errors are being made that lead to quality issues and customer complaints. Closer inspection shows you have a case of ‘presenteeism’ where sick employees are coming to work out of loyalty or, in some cases, fear.

If your workforce is unfit to do their job safely then accidents happen, people get hurt and litigation may follow.

Your first step to recovery

Miller’s Strategic Company Health Check is the first step towards optimal health in your enterprise. We’ll take a look at your enterprise as a whole and do a complete, strategic level assessment of your organisation. The health check will cover:

  • Productivity, such as absenteeism and behavioural issues; following up with specific actions for you to monitor and improve your situation.
  • Legal requirements with respect to your business and advice on compliance. Misunderstanding or ignorance of your legal requirements as an employer will not protect you against liability.  We help you understand what you need to do.
  • Record-keeping. Simply carrying out the required health checks on your workforce is not enough. You must have documented evidence. We’ll advise you on record keeping so that you’ll have the evidence to prove you’ve complied with the law, should you ever need to prove it.
  • Organisational ‘trouble spots’. Of course complying with the law is a good starting point, but as a caring employer you’ll want to go further. We’ll look for any operational or procedural issues within your organisation which are not getting the best out of your employees and may well lead to pain and stress later on.

An excellent bedside manner

We understand that looking at your company procedures and assessing your practices can seem stressful. That’s why we put professionalism and respect for your enterprise at the top of our list.

Not only do we work with compassion and understanding when liaising with your employees, but we also regard confidentiality of utmost importance.

You’ll see an improvement immediately

Armed with a deep insight into the health of your enterprise, you’ll be able to make positive changes immediately. Addressing productivity issues such as absenteeism helps with your workforce costs and reduces your overhead. You’ll also have the reassurance of knowing you have boosted immunity against litigation by keeping the right records and complying to the letter of the law when it comes to employee health.

Your people are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Keep them happy and healthy with Miller Enterprise Health.

Miller’s strategic health check starts from as little as  £299.

We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with you. From diagnosis to report delivery is just two weeks.

Call Miller Enterprise Health to book your health check on +44 (0)333 900 9280