Sometimes, with the best will in the world, you find that an employee or even a whole department throws a major health issue your way and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon.

As an ethical employer you’ll want to address work-related health issues as soon as possible. Not only is this approach best for your staff, it’s best in terms of company turnover and reputation. No-one wants to be the uncaring corporation that puts the needs of its bottom line ahead of the health of its staff. That’s the kind of news that spreads fast and wide and can damage your reputation.

When you need a better course of treatment

Health is an emotive issue and tensions can run high when an employee feels that their place of work is to blame for their problems. Employers, and their HR departments, can find reaching out to the employee difficult. Not only on a personal level, but a professional one too. Everyone seems to be on a different side. But in reality, this is not the case. Both the employer and employee want a quick and painless resolution.

Miller health professionals act as mediators, appointed by you, but operating from a health / clinical perspective. As an independent entity Miller can analyse the situation in terms of personal pressures on the individual and take personal circumstances into account, something that HR departments are simply not allowed to do.

Miller can see the bigger picture. It’s only when you have a complete diagnosis that you can formulate a course of treatment and bring the issue to a resolution.

When you need a second opinion

Doing the best by your employee and the best for your business can seem like navigating a minefield. You’ll need to interpret and understand GP reports and gauge the implications for your business. You’ll have to adopt best practices and procedures to ensure that not only will you get the best outcome but that you have the right documentation to show how you arrived at difficult decisions. The industry specific experience that Miller brings to the table ensure that you’ll get the best advice for your own situation.

When to call

As soon as you realise you have a problem. If you have issues with any of the following you will benefit from a Strategic Intervention consultation:

  • Frequent, short-term absences
  • Long-term sickness with no improvement in sight
  • Cases of work-related stress or depression
  • Appeals against ill-health retirement

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At Miller Health we’ve helped countless companies find solutions that everyone is happy with.

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